If you are planning a trip to England, here are you top places to be sure to check out !!!

England is one of the iconic countries to visit that makes it a favorite for travelers across the world. Visitors, who are here for the first time usually makes London their stopover destination where they can shop at the Knightsbridge, visit Westminster Abbey, the several university towns that surround it as well as the Stonehenge. One could opt to visit the picturesque villages around England or the moors among other places.

Lake District

This place needs no introduction where Cumbria district in northwest England houses one of the largest national parks in the country. The longest Lake Windermere is located here as well as Scafell Peak. One can explore the works of William Wordsworth, while they tour this region.


This place gets its name from the numerous baths that were built around the hot springs located here. The city not only has hot spas that are relaxing and therapeutic, but also several landmark places to visit which showcase examples of Georgian architecture. There is fine dining, theatre and other cultural scenes to explore here.


This is a historic city that is located to the north of London. Being a university town, it was founded in the 13th century and one can explore the premises of the university as well as take boat rides on River Cam, check out bridges or the Fitzwilliam Museum with its antiquities collections.


This is another university town that dates back to the 12th century. It belongs to the Saxon England era. Located in the southeastern part of England, this town has Norman castles and their remains, college chapel and cathedral premises to visit and other places such as the different colleges.


This is a walled city that is located on the confluence of two rivers. The cobblestone street of the city as well as the York Minister which is a stone cathedral is known for its art works.

Stonehenge and Avebury

This is a site of a prehistoric monument which dates back to the Bronze and Neolithic ages. There is also the Avebury prehistoric site to visit nearby.

England is rich in history and everyone I have talked to who has visited say that the ambiance is amazing and it is rich in culture and amazing experiences.  Tommy & Sarah who own Ultimate Roofing, a roofing company Upstate NY, told me they had visited before kids and want to go back with their kids once they are bigger.  They said that it is a place they want their kids to experience as it helped shape their passion for travel.



Cuzco, Peru – The Right Gateway To The Wonderful City

If you have not visited Cuzco, then you have not visited anywhere. It is created on the ancient temples and palaces. The city has a rich history like you can go through cathedrals and get views of the impressive square. Spend the morning and afternoon time in extremely pleasant weather and get incredible view during vacations.

  • Plaza de Armas – The city with cultural Value

If you need want to experience the cultural city with various restaurants, shops and several bars. You will find the perfect view of the city from the Plaza. People would like to spend their evening to the place as here they can have the best time on benches, cathedrals, restaurants etc.

  • San Pedro Market – a spectacle to unlimited fruits

If you want to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables; meat and juice, then come and find all in the San Pedro marketplace. It is basically the open market where things are sold in the morning. Those who wanted to enjoy lunch can enter into empanada. You can also find an entry into tamale vendor and food stalls serving tasty meals.

  • Paddy’s Irish Pub – the best Irish pub

Everyone looks for branded eateries and drinks. If you yearn to enjoy in the best ever pub then have the best time at Paddy’s. The homesick people love to enjoy eating burger, sandwich, and many more things as well. It is located at the corner of the plaza and serves the best drink after you are tired of trekking at Machu Picchu.

  • Planetarium – for those who are influenced by plantings

If you are influenced by plants and harvesting of the crops, religion activities and cultural ceremonies would like to move to the planetarium. The wonders are fully explored in Cusco at their Planetarium as this is the place to explore astronomy and stars gazing.

  • Sacsayhuaman – the city located in the centre of the city

This ancient site is appropriate for trekking. It gives you an extremely stunning view of the stonework. This site is religious and has relation with troublesome battles taken place in the past. You will also get glimpses of the statue of Jesus Christ once visiting the top of the place.


A Trip To Tegucigalpa, worth doing the research!

Tegucigalpa, this is the capital city of Honduras. Tegucigalpa is located in the central valley and it is surrounded by mountains. The city is well known for its well-preserved and maintained Spanish colonial architecture. If you are interested in looking at Spanish colonial architecture you can come to Tegucigalpa, but if you are not interested in architect, still this city welcomes you. The place has many things for everyone. Some of the important places of Tegucigalpa are:

  • La Tigra National Park

This is the first national park in Honduras. The national part was created with an objective to conserve, preserve and maintenance the Hydrologic Potential of this Reserve”. You can come here to watch wildlife in their natural habitat.

  • Museum for National Identity

This museum is devoted to the investigation, acquisition, dissemination and conservation of historical material that is related to the human population of Honduras territory.

  • Our Lady of Suyapa

This is also known as the Virgin of Suyapa is a title of the Virgin Mary, who is the mother of Jesus Christ. An 18th-century cedar wood statue is present here (6 cm/2.3 in) of the Virgin. This is most popular religious image of Honduras and considered as an extensive pilgrimage for Christians. Every year large number of Central Americans visit this place.


If you are the forest lovers, then Uyuca is the place for you. This is a house in the middle of the forest. From here, you can have a direct view to Uyuca Biological Reserve Mountain. During the daytime, you can sit with your family in a Hamaca and observe the beauty of mountain with tea or hot coffee. You can go on adventure walk and breathe fresh air.

  • Chiminike

This is a museum especially for children. So, if you have come to Tegucigalpa with family, do come here. The museum has many different exhibits that are very educational and interactive. Your kids will get answers to many of their queries here for sure.


  • Nueva Armenia


For nature lovers, this is the best place in Tegucigalpa. Here you can explore the beautiful river having turquoise water till foot during a morning. You also get the spectacular view of mountains here in the morning time.


Unique Attractions To Discover In Chicago, Illinois

Chicago occupies a unique location in the US, being between the Mississippi watershed area and the Great Lakes. Hence, for those wishing to visit all important landmarks of the country, this city is a must see. Not only is its natural location unique, it is also known to be the global capital of world architecture as well as houses some of the important business centers of the world.

The city is noted for the urban planning as well as zoning standards that were first made popular by the architects here. Notable are the several construction styles that characterize several buildings and areas of the city including steel framed skyscraper. It is little wonder that the city of Beautiful Movement also includes the Chicago School of Architecture.

When you are here, there are several architectural landmarks to check out which is difficult to miss as well. For instance the Willis Tower is an iconic skyscraper that offers expansive views of the city. It has a Sky deck on the 103rd floor and the city vistas that are found from this 110 floor skyscraper is staggering to withhold.

Millennium Park is another landmark area to visit in Chicago. Here you will find 2.5 acres of green space along with the iconic Bean sculpture, an outdoor theatre and video displays.

The Navy Pier is where you can head out to catch a boulevard that has restaurant, different retail destinations as well as carnivals that are on through the year.

The John Hancock center is another skyscraper that offers panoramic city views and has wining and dining options as well.

Cloud Gate has the famed mirrored, bean like sculpture that has several mirrored sides which reflects astonishing feats that the architects of the city are able to accomplish.

The above points showcase several unique landmarks to discover when you are in Chicago.


Philadelphia’s rich history & what to do when visiting

The former capital of the United States naturally holds a rich political history. Now the largest city of the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia has a number of sites that commemorate the secrets this city once held. Apart from the museums and landmarks, Philadelphia is also known for its vibrant nightlife, its world-class laboratories and institutions, and art.

Things to See in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, or simply ‘Philly’, is divided into several districts, each with their own specialties and tourist attractions. If you’re planning a trip to this city in Pennsylvania, don’t forget to visit the museums of the city. As mentioned before, the city holds an extensive history and culture so the museums are something every tourist makes sure to add in their schedule. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Academy of Natural Science, Rodin Museum and Rosenbach Museum and Library are to name a few.

The city not only pays tribute to its culture through their museums but also has a number of historical sites (some of which are even considered haunted!). One site worth mentioning is the Eastern State Penitentiary, a historic prison and now considered full of paranormal activity.

Philadelphia also has a number of public art displays from graffiti by the Mural Arts Program to the gorgeous statues at Fairmount Park. Philadelphia’s Magic Garden is another popular name in the world of art and nature – it’s educational and a great place to take pictures!

Things to Do in Philadelphia

Seasonal events like the Philadelphia Marathon, the International Bike Championship, the All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream festival are some public events that keep the city alive around the year.

The city is also known for its prominent nightlife and clubs as well as live music and theaters (Walnut Street Theater, Forrest Theater, Merriam Theater and more).

Now the fifth most populous city of America, Philadelphia is a sight to see so book a ticket now and discover what the former capital is like!


The Top Attractions I recommend to Cape Town tourists…

One of the most picturesque locations in South African coast is the Cape Town. The Table Mountains offer the scenic background to this wonderful cosmopolitan city that is a tourist’s delight. The following are some of the top attractions of Cape Town.

Cape Point

This point is very popular among tourists as it offers spectacular scenery. It is located at the tip of the Cape Peninsula. The Cape Point offers a very good oceanic view and is home to plenty of species of birds, zebras, and baboons. There is a lighthouse on top of the boulders and visitors can reach here by walk or by taking a funicular.

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

This is one of the most happening waterfronts in Cape Town in South Africa.  It is named after the British Queen Victoria and her last son Alfred. You can get to see the Table Mountains, Table Bay and the attractive looking Atlantic Ocean from this waterfront.  This waterfront offers you plenty of shopping places, restaurants, bars, and very good nightlife. Apart from this, you will also find an amphitheater, aquarium, art galleries, ship museum and many more attractions for the entire family.  

Table Mountain

Once you reach the top of the Table Mountain, you will never feel like getting down. The top of the mountains offers you a bird’s eye view of the city of Cape Town and also the Robben Island. The peak is about 1086 meters high and you can reach the top of the table mountain on a cable car. The Rotair car is designed in such a way that passengers get a 360-degree view once they reach the top of the mountain.

Boulders Beach

This is one of the beaches in the world where you can swim, sunbathe or walk along with the penguins. This Boulders Beach is about an hour’s drive from Cape Town and is now home to over 2,000 African penguins. The chirps of these penguins sound like the bray of a donkey. The visitors can get up to a few feet closer to the penguin area.


The Top Places You will want to Visit In Norway

Norway has always been a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. The scenic fjords and wooden churches of the region have a unique charm that is usually not found in other places. Adventure sports enthusiasts come here to enjoy the hiking activities.


The erosion of different glaciers over the years has created the wonderful fjords of Norway and you can never get enough of these natural attractions. Each island of the region has a unique identity and they are well known for fishing, sailing, Kayaking and other winter sports activities. The best time to visit this place is during the early summer season and late winter.


The iconic glacier in Norway dates back to the thirteenth century and travel magazines rate this among the top natural attractions of the country. It is very easy to access this place and travelers from all over the country come to this place to enjoy their holidays with friends and family members.


If you love to visit the mountains, you should never miss this place as it offers the spectacular view of the surrounding region. Can you believe that you can get to see nearly one sixth of the mainland of the entire country from this summit? The highest point of the mountain can be reached through the elevator system. The region is also famous for hosting the Norseman triathlon. You can visit the place during winters.

Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Skiing happens to be the favorite pastime activity of Norwegians and you can find the world’s largest steel ski jump in this place. The amazing sports venue comes to life, especially during winters when visitors from all over the world come to this place to enjoy the annual ski jumping competitions. The full-fledged ground also has a museum for tourists.




Bar Harbor, Maine – Why Should You Visit & What To See

If you come to Hancock County in Maine you will want to visit Bar Harbor. This is a town located on Mount Desert Island. This is a tourist destination located in Down East of Maine. This town is also home to College of the Atlantic, MDI Biological Laboratory and The Jackson Laboratory. This town had faced a catastrophic fire in 1947 before which it was known as a summer colony for the elite and affluent people living in the surrounding regions and states. The town is located in the northeast shores of Mount Desert Island. Europeans who came to the region around 1763 formed the first settlements in this town.

There are several recreational activities that one can do in and around Bar Harbor. There is a downtown area here that is popular among tourists in summer till autumn months. The Acadia National Park is located close to the downtown area of this place. One can engage in different outdoor activities here such as hiking along trails or try horseback riding on carriage roads; one can try biking or bird watching activities as well as mountain climbing.

Cadillac Mountain is the highest point here on the Atlantic waters. There is diverse marine life to explore and know about. There are tours that help one check out the whales, pelagic seabirds, seals, lobsters, puffins as well as visit island lighthouses. A sand bar located between Bar Island and the town gets exposed during low tide and makes it wide enough for cars to drive across. It is a popular place to go and collect shells and a popular launch point for those who wish to go kayaking. Bar Harbor gets tourists from all over and its harbor has several cruises and ships that make it their destination. Hence marine activities and leisure cruises are popular in this region.



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